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postage-due Retin A Help Stetch Marks, So many new records in the mail, from the record shop, et cetera. It was almost too hard to put this week's show together. I couldn't decide what tracks from what bands to play, and how to put them together. Usually, I've got a playlist put together the day before I record, but I was still throwing things together 3/5 of the way through this week's episode.

In technological news, Retin A Help Stetch Marks australia, we'll soon be sounding better. I invested in a Tascam mixer, so once I can scrounge up the coin to buy mics, cables, pop shields, stands, and figure out where to set everything up, the podcast will start sounding vaguely professional, as opposed to the rather slapdash methodolgy we currently utilize, Retin A Help Stetch Marks. Stay tuned for that.

Apologies for the random babbling and the shredded throat. Tuesday night was a late one, spent shooting pictures and seeing bands. I must have inhaled half a pack's worth of secondhand smoke, Retin A Help Stetch Marks mexico, and who knws how much diesel exhaust. Retin A Help Stetch Marks, I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been gargling with cheap Scotch and razo blades. Worth the sleep deprivation and bodily harm to see Fishbone at Aftershock, as well as the Terrible Twos and the Birthday Suits at the Replay, though (click links for pics). I recommend anyone with the opportunity to see any of these acts does so, post-haste. You'll be entertained.

Podcast #39, Retin A Help Stetch Marks us, "Postage Due"

Stripmines, "Empty Threat" (Sympathy Rations EP)
Shards, "Suicide" (Shards)
Manipulation, "Death Watch" (Manipulation 2)
Trent Fox & the Tenants, "Sounds Fine to Me" (Mess Around EP)
Lover!, "Booger In My Asshole" (split with Livefastdie)
Fag Cop, 200mg Retin A Help Stetch Marks, "Psychic Sickness" (Illuminati Dollar)
Bullet Treatment, "In Box We Trust (ft. Sturg of Leftover Crack)" (Designated Vol. 1)
Green Day, "Hitchin' A Ride" (Nimrod)
Douglas Shields & the X-Factors, "Beach Volleyball" (DSXF)
Career Suicide, "Recipe For Disaster" (Attempted Suicide)
the Meatmen, "Meatmen Stomp" (We're the Meatmen .., 750mg Retin A Help Stetch Marks. And You Suck!)
Circle Jerks, "Coup D'Etat" (Repo Man soundtrack)
Sharks?, "Hip Hop Hooray" (Kreegah!)
Mixtapes, "The Real Hotel California" (A Short Collection of Short Songs)
Monument, "Glass House" (Goes Canoeing).

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