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thumb-wrestling-masks Tetracycline Hci, This week's episode is brought to you by closeout Schlafly pilsner from the Cork & Barrel on 9th Street in Lawrence. It's the reason for the slightly over-enthusiastic discussion of every single fucking thing I played, as well as the slightly slurred quality to my speech.

Good, interesting stuff this week, courtesy the Love Garden dollar bin. Tetracycline Hci usa, In addition, I managed to find some stuff in the collection down here in the basement that I've never played on the show. I put some stuff away the other night, and while doing that, pulled some records I'd not put on the show yet, so this week gets a lot of oddball tunes.

Plans for next week's show are being debated, Tetracycline Hci. It might be devoted to the Art of the Underground single series, Tetracycline Hci ebay. Might be devoted to a single artist. Hell, I might put together a mix of exotica and novelty tunes and eschew my voice-over entirely, in favor of a nice little audio mix. If you've got a preference, 30mg Tetracycline Hci, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment.

Podcast #36, "El Fantasmo"

the Black & Whites, "Fucked-Up Heart" ("Fucked-Up heart" single)
Mudhoney, "Touch Me I'm Sick" ("Touch Me I'm Sick" single)
Johnny Black & the Assassins, "454" (A Fistful of Rock 'n' Roll Volume 3)
Skate Korpse, "Rochester Blues" Art of the Undeground Single Series Volume 3)
Southern Culture On the Skids, 50mg Tetracycline Hci, "Rumors of Surf" (split with the A-Bones)
Subtle Turnhips, "F* the People F* the Power F* th People to the Power "F* the People..." single)
Mother of Tears, "In the Morning" ("Little Ratty" single)
the Clash, "Guns of Brixton" (London Calling)
Cobra Skulls, "The Streets of Cairo" ("Never Be A Machine" single)
This Moment In Black History, 10mg Tetracycline Hci, "It's Everything We Do" (split with Child Bite)
Obits, "Military Madness" ("I Can't Lose" single)
Night Birds, "Killer Waves" (Art of the Undeground Single Series Volume 48)
Anger Regiment, "Aces & Eights" (Aces & Eights)
Blanks 77, "Let's Riot" (split with Quincy Punx)
Scurvy Dogs, "God Hates Baptists" (Scurvy Dogs).

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