Podcast #35, “Foggy Basement Breakdown”

the-fogSorry for all the stammering and stuttering in the podcast this week. It’s been a long week, even though it was barely half over when I recorded. I’d spent the prior two days pulling shifts at both my day job and the comic shop a friend runs. He and his wife had their baby this past weekend, and I’m helping out by working when no-one else can, but that’s left me a little spacey.

The tunes from this episode are pretty swank, though. A package came from No Idea (go buy the Lemuria/Cheap Girls split – it slays) this past weekend, and I found some awesome post-punk stuff at Salvation Army, so these super deep cuts ought to provide some stuff for you all to go dig for in clearance bins and bargain rooms yourselves. There’s a bunch of stuff headed this for review (in theory), so some of that might pop up next week.

Podcast #35, “Foggy Basement Breakdown”

Big Eyes, “Why Can’t I” (“Why Can’t I” single)
Annabell, “The Forgetting of Names & Faces” (Here We Are Tomorrow)
Lemuria, “Lemons” (split with Cheap Girls)

the Get Up Kids, “Keith Case” (Simple Science)
Mixtapes, “I Was A Teenage Poultergeist” (split with Direct Hit!)
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men, “You’ve Got the Wrong Man” (“You’ve Got the Wrong Man” single)

Off With Their Heads, “Field of Darkness” (split with No Friends)
Breaking Circus, “ShockHammer 13” (Smoker’s Paradise)
Hollow Heyday, “Shock Level 10” (Abandoned)

Eater, “15” (The Roxy London WC2)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, “Better Lead Than Dead” (Shake the Sheets)
the Ergs!, “Man of Infirmity” (Jersey’s Best Prancers)

Be Your Own Pet, “Becky” (Get Damaged)
the Gaslight Anthem, “Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts” (SeƱor and the Queen)
the Broadways, “What Happened?” (Big City)