Podcast #33, “Cow Punk Party Pop”

cow-punk-party-popThis week’s podcast ought to sound an awful lot better during the breaks than it ever has. I opted to record everything to a digital micro-recorder I use for interviews, rather than the usual crappy USB mic I’ve got. I’d planned on picking up a new mic this week from one of the music shops downtown, but while in Kansas City to review Linkin Park at the the Sprint Center for the Pitch this past Saturday, our car was broken into. They smashed the passenger side window, and stole a Land’s End parka out of the back seat.

Being as how the replacement of the window and parka ran close to $500, there will be no purchasing of a microphone anytime soon. Hopefully, this stopgap measure will work until then. The show sounds really good this week, and I hope to get a little more familiar with the recorder and have an even better show for you next week. Incidentally, that program will have all sorts of thrash and hardcore, thanks to a slew of stuff that’s shown up in the mail the past few weeks.

Podcast #33, “Cow Punk Party Pop”

Ultimate Fakebook, “All the New Poisons” (Electric Kissing Parties)
Free Energy, “Dream City” (Stuck On Nothing)
Slade, “Gudbuy T’Jane” (Slayed?)

the Replacements, “Color Me Impressed” (Hootenanny)
Modern Machines, “Two Bullets, One Gun, Two Heads” (Thwap!)
Jason & the Scorchers, “White Lies” (Lost & Found)

Kepi Ghoulie, “Stormy Weather” (Hanging Out)
Hunchback, “Werse Houses” (“Werse Houses” single)
Rancid, “The War’s End” (…And Out Come the Wolves)

the Music Machine, “Talk Talk” (At the Hop)
the Hefners, “Short-Haired Girls” (split with Schwarz)
the Who, “I Can’t Explain” (The Kids Are Alright)

Alkaline Trio, “My Little Needle” (Goddammit)
Sleep Like A Log, “The Big Monster & Me” (split with Rumspringer)
Jonesin’, “Birds” (split with Shang-A-Lang)