Podcast #30, “New Year’s Revolution”

revolutionAfter a two week break from the podcast, we’re back with out thirtieth episode, and the first of the new year. This show consists mainly of new acquisitions made over the past month. Stuff ordered via post, grabbed from Love Garden’s used bins, and the usual few promo records sent from bands and labels.

We pretty much just went through the gamut of punk styles: hardcore, pop, garage, indie, and classic. Next week’s a trip into the classic rock down here in the Nuthouse basement, but I promise that there’ll be more deep tracks than AOR radio cuts. In addition, we’ll pull out some lesser-known New Wave of British Heavy Metal acts and new wave Goth stuff. I can hardly wait.

Podcast #30, “New Year’s Revolution”

Think Fast, “Truly” (split with Fatality)
Dead Tired, “Shore Cough” (We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat)
Naw Dude, “Posi Creep” (split with Chest Pain)

Snuff, “Keep the Beat” (Fat Music Vol. IV: Life In the Fat Lane)
the Briefs, “(Like A) Heart Attack” (Off the Charts)
the Spits, “Wait” (split with NOFX)

Jay Reatard, “An Ugly Death” (“See/Saw” single)
Big Eyes, “Since You Left” (Demo)
the Vibrators, “Baby Baby” (Pure Mania)

the Weakerthans, “The Ringing of Revolution” (Read Army Faction)
the Replacements, “Left of the Dial” (Tim)
Small Brown Bike/the Casket Lottery, “Wrong Hometown” (Small Brown Bike/the Casket Lottery)

the Mortal Micronotz, “Old Lady Sloan” (the Mortal Micronotz)
X, “Johnny Hit & Run Paulene” (Los Angeles)
Naked Raygun, “Rat Patrol” (Throb Throb)