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classic-rock-graphjam Prozac Calming Effect, Despite the idea seeming to be antithetical to the whole "punk" idea of this podcast, we'd like to show that (despite what annoying crusty punx might tell you) classic rock doesn't have to suck. There are classic rock acts that have managed to write stuff that will rock you, and we uphold the rock in all its forms on Sunglasses After Dark.

Seriously, just because the Eagles suck doesn't mean you have to write off everything prior to 1977. Year Zero is a bit much, sometimes. Hopefully, Prozac Calming Effect canada, you'll enjoy the music we've got here, and let it expand your horizons a bit. I did this as a four-hour freeform on KJHK several years back with nothing but Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, and Thin Lizzy, and that was frickin' great, Prozac Calming Effect paypal, so fifteen bands should be five times more entertaining, right.

I hope so. Hey - if nothing else, I have a LOT of opinions on these songs and bands, and I express them quite fervently in this week's episode.

Podcast #31, "Classic Rock Doesn't Have to Suck"

Judas Priest, Prozac Calming Effect mexico, "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" (Screaming For Venegeance)
Motorhead / Girlschool, "Please Don't Touch" (A Quiet Night In)
AC/DC, "Sin City" (Powerage)
the Tubes, "White Punks On Dope" (The Tubes)
the Lords of the New Church, "New Church" (The Lords of the New Church)
Aerosmith, "Toys In the Attic" (Toys In the Attic)
Alice Cooper, Prozac Calming Effect overseas, "No More Mr Nice Guy" (Billion Dollar Babies)
Thin Lizzy, "Cowboy Song" (Jailbreak)
Cheap Trick, "Big Eyes" (In Color)
Guns 'n' Roses, "My Michelle" (Appetite For Destruction)
Motley Crue, "Shout At the Devil" (Shout At the Devil)
Slayer, "Mandatory Suicide" (South of Heaven)
Van Halen, "Atomic Punk" (Van Halen)
Queen, "Tie Your Mother Down" (A Day at the Races)
Tokyo Blade, 30mg Prozac Calming Effect, "Midnight Rendezvous" (Midnight Rendezvous).

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