Podcast #3 – Down in the Lab

beers_raThis week’s episode is brought to you courtesy of New Belgium Brewing Company‘s Ranger IPA. They’re not sponsoring us or anything — don’t worry, I don’t see “selling out” as ever being a problem with this operation. No, the episode was simply produced while working my way through a sixer of that fine hoppy beverage.

Sunglasses After Dark is usually produced in conjunction with either beer, coffee, or Diet Dr. Pepper. You can usually determine which one by whether or not I seem manic or relaxed. All of them tend to result in mildly slurred speech and a certain inattentiveness to detail. However, I think it adds a certain bit of charm to the whole operation. The idea is that this is a record party in the basement here at the Nuthouse, and you get to listen in.

As per usual, tell your friends, and if you’ve got any label contacts, tell ’em to send me some records.

Podcast #3 – Down in the Lab

the Smears, “Don’t Mess With Him (Smears In the Garage)
the Creeps, “Hi Hi Pretty Girl” (Enjoy the Creeps)
the Hefners, “Not A Girl Song” (Re-Pop)

the Shitty Limits, “Your Limits Are My Limits” (Beware the Limits)
Live Fast Die, “Alcoholic AIDS” (Pissing On the Mainframe)
the Ergs!, “Society Hill” (Thrash Compactor)

the Homosexuals, “Slow Guns” (Love Guns?)
Lords of the New Church, “New Church” (Lords of the New Church)
Alkaline Trio, “Bleeder” (Alkaline Trio)

No High Fives to Bullshit, “My Friends? (Dangerous Intersections VI)
Quincy Punx, “Ugly American” (Nutso Smasho)
the International Superheroes of Hardcore, “Seat Belt” (Takin’ It Ova)

the Explosion, “Sick of Modern Art” (Sick of Modern Art)
Naked Raygun, “I Lie” (Basement Screams)
Bald Eagle, “Jammin’ the Wedge” (Hot Shoulders)