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[caption id="attachment_1754" align="alignleft" width="299" caption="Frank Cho"]Frank Cho Clomid Multiple, [/caption]Dug down into the bins and stacks scattered about the Nuthouse basement, and pulled out all sorts of stuff that I've not played hardly ever - i.e., lots of dollar bin singles and clearance LPs. Thus, the show's a little weirder than normal, but it turned out pretty fucking amazing. There's quite a few albums and bands I need to listen to more often.

Next week's show will most likely be the year-ender, with all my favorite punk and garage vinyl releases of the past year, 500mg Clomid Multiple. Then, I imagine we'll be taking a few weeks off for the holidays, and returning on January 6. The holidays are kicking my ass at the day job, and the Pitch has me knocking out stuff left and right, Clomid Multiple india, so I'm going to need some time to hunker down while I recover and bang out some product.

Podcast #28, "Out of the Ordinary"

Bent Left, "A High Speed Pursuit on Zambonis and Segways" (Let Me Be Your Jesus)
Surrender, "Inertia" (Paper Thrones)
the Darvocets, "Harrp" (The Darvocets Are New Wave)
Criminal Damage, "Media Casualties" (No Solution)
Tyrades, 150mg Clomid Multiple, "On Your Video" ("On Your Video" single)
Sick Fits, "Strange Strangulations" ("Mirror Creeps" single)
Carbonas, "Nostalgia" (Blackout)
No Age, "Eraser" (Nouns)
Non Compos Mentis, "Ultimate Orgasm" (Back to Front Vol. 1000mg Clomid Multiple, 2)
the Bomb Bassets, "Imagine" (Take A Trip With the Bomb Bassets)
the Monks, "Drunken Maria" (Black Time)
the Milkshakes, "Boys" (Sing & Play 20 Rock 'n' Roll Hits of the '50s & '60s)
the Leather Uppers, "Riot At the Nude Beach" (OK, Don't Say Hi)
Scared of Chaka, "December" (How to Lose)
the Queers, Clomid Multiple usa, "Surf Goddess" (Hang 10).

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