French Retin A

milo-goes-to-college French Retin A, I explain this in the podcast, but I started having turntable issues the other night. I'm not sure if it was the record to which I was listening (Jason & the Scorchers' Lost & Found, for the record), but it started speeding up and slowing down, and I was afraid either the motor or the needle were about to go. Thus, this week's show is all done from the depths of my hard drive, 10mg French Retin A.

Still, it's a wonderful mix of stuff I've either not gotten around to purchasing on vinyl, can't afford, or simply hasn't been pressed -- case in point, Hammerlord's Wolves At War's End, French Retin A japan, which I reviewed for the Pitch a few months back. Lots of thrash and hardcore, perfect for moshing about the house and losing a few of those post-holiday pounds.

Podcast #27, "Coming Back Hard Again"

Punch, "Let Me Forget" (Push Pull)
Black Flag, "Rise Above" (Damaged)
Zombie Dogs, French Retin A us, "Psycho Gyno" (Zombie Dogs)
Hammerlord, "Demon Fever" (Wolves At War's End)
Sick Of It All, "Step Down" (Scratch the Surface)
Hatebreed, "Before Dishonor" (Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire)
Bad Brains, "I Against I" (I Against I)
Agnostic Front, French Retin A ebay, "Do or Die" (Something's Gotta Give)
Municipal Waste, "Headbanger Face Rip" (The Art of Partying)
Iron Age, "Dispossessed" (The Sleeping Eye)
Murphy's Law, "Attack Of The Killer Beers" (Murphy's Law)
AFI, "Wake-Up Call" (Very Proud of Ya)
Coalesce, "In My Wake, For My Own" (OX)
Snapcase, 20mg French Retin A, "Typecast Modulator" (Designs For Automotion)
Refused, "Deadly Rhythm" (The Shape of Punk to Come).

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