Cipro Bladder Infection

tales-from-the-crypt-comic Cipro Bladder Infection, Our first Halloween episode. I'm so proud, I could burst. This podcast is a little different from past episodes. First of all, I'm not in it at all. The second things is pretty much the reason for the first, as it's nearly an hour and a half long. Add in back announce stuff, and this episode would be pushing an hour and three-quarters, Cipro Bladder Infection.

The other reason for me not talking is that there's an awful lot of spoken word pieces in here, Cipro Bladder Infection mexico, and I didn't want to take away anything from them. I'm not going to compete with Basil Rathbone, anyway. I hope you enjoy this, and use this like crazy for your parties this weekend. I plan on blaring this at work on Saturday, myself.

We'll be back next week with the usual stuff, including a bunch of new tunes from Traffic Street.

Podcast #23, 40mg Cipro Bladder Infection, "Scream For Your Life"

Harry Lubin Orchestra, "Fear" (Music from One Step Beyond)
Carl Bonafede, "Werewolf" (Ghoul's Night Out)
Frankie Stein, "A Taste of Poison / Chained" (Real Gone Garbage)
Famous Monsters, "Frankenstein's Monster Talks" (Famous Monsters)
the Five Blobs, "The Blob" (The Golden Turkey Album)
Gas Huffer, "Where Wolfmen Lurk" (Intergrity Technology and Service)
Charged GBH, "Lycanthropy" (Leather, Cipro Bladder Infection coupon, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boys...)
Sunglasses After Dark, "Flesh Eaters" (The Untamed Culture)
Guana Batz, "Werewolf Blues" (Revenge of the Killer Pussies)
Groovie Ghoulies, "(She's My) Vampire Girl" (Fun In the Dark)
Peter Pan Records, "Dinner With Drac" (Monster Mash)
Coconut Coolouts, "The Monsters Crash the Regular People's Party" (Halloween Party Songs)
Hasil Adkins, "Haunted House" (The Wild Man)
Howard Carter, "Opening Tutankhamen's tomb" (I Was There)
the Cramps, "Goo Goo Muck" (Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack)
Mentally Ill, Cipro Bladder Infection japan, "Gacy's Place" (Killed By Death #2)
Joneses, "Graveyard Rock" (Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In)
Teenage Bottlerocket, "Forbidden Planet" (They Came From the Shadows)
the Mad Doctor, "Teenage Brain Surgeon" (Spike Jones In Stereo)
Basil Rathbone, "The Raven" (Basil Rathbone Reads Edgar Allan Poe)
the Ran-Dells, "The Martian Hop" (Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time)
Possum, "The Cockroach That Ate Cincinatti" (Dr. Cipro Bladder Infection canada, Demento's Delights)
the Scofflaws, "Nightmare" (Record of Convictions)
Weird Al Yankovic, "Nature Trail to Hell" (In 3D).

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