Podcast #22 – Bleargh



A real podcast, after last week’s shortened affair and the previous week’s archive edition. It seemed really nice to get up early, drink half a pot of coffee, and blast the shit out of some punk rock down here in the Nuthouse basement.

Funny fact about the whole podcast thing: I record it in one go, in order. The smart thing to do would be to make a bunch of playlists and rip vinyl tracks while I’m down here reading or working on other stuff, but it seems a lot more fun to just do it all at once, and turn it into a record-playing party you get to listen in on.

While it’s all converting from WAV to MP3, I type up the track listing and listen to records. It takes about one side of an LP, and I usually listen to something completely different than what I played on the show. So, as this week’s show is pretty punx, I’m working my through George Strait’s Ocean Front Property. Seriously. If it weren’t for the fact that those folks at major labels are litigious as hell, I’d do a classic country podcast, as well. I think it’d make a nice complement to Sunglasses After Dark.

Podcast #22, “Bleargh”

Minor Threat, “Cashing In” (Out of Step)
Avail, “Armchair” (4AM Friday)
the Ladies, “Disememberabilia” (Six More Reasons to Hate the Ladies)

Blanks 77, “I Wanna Be A Punk” (“I Wanna Be A Punk” single)
Quincy Punx, “Dumpster Diving At the Abortion Clinic” (split with Blanks 77)
Southside Stranglers, “Bad Seed” (Too Much TV)

Rancid, “Tenderloin” (
Cloak & Dagger, “Don’t Need A” (“Don’t Need A” single)
Insomnio, “Still Remember” (
Walking On the String)

Spazz, “Sir Wax-A-Lot” (Possessed to Skate)
Pinkerton Thugs, “Scrawny Fuck” (Gettin’ the Shaft)
God Equals Genocide, “Come Home Pilgrim” (split with Shang-A-Lang)

Anxiety Attack, “Well Deserved Death Stare” (Anxiety Attack)
Cross Examination, “Party Squad Unite” (Hung Jury EP)
Crap Corps, “PYFDO” (Crap Corps)