Podcast #19 – Ooh, Shiny

ooh-shinyThis was said on the podcast, but it bears repeating: sorry I keep promising special episodes (covers, instrumentals, etc.) and keep getting distracted by the new stuff coming into the Nuthouse. I’ve been wheeling and dealing records on message boards, eBay, and listservs, so there’s all sorts of newness showing in my mailbox. Therefor, the new stuff arrives, leaving me all flustered and in awe of its newness and novelty, rather than digging into the stacks for the plans I’ve made.

Once again: my apologies. Hopefully, since I’m aware of what’s going down here, I’ll try and dig out records and parse out selections for the next couple of episodes, so I can fulfill the promises I’ve made.

Podcast #19, “Ooh, Shiny”

the Bouncing Souls, “Here We Go” (Johnny X)
Dear Landlord, “Three to the Beach” (split with Chinese Telephones)
Ramones, “Judy Is A Punk” (“I Wanna Be Your Boyfrienbd” single)

Pearl Jam, “Spin the Black Circle” (“Spin the Black Circle” single)
Gas Huffer, “Hot Cakes” (
Rocket From the Crypt, “UFO UFO UFO” (
Burn Mouth Off Liar With Punk Heat Blast)

the Jam, “News of the World” (“News of the World” single)
Wizzard Sleeve, “Pterodactyl Meltdown” (“Mommy’s Little Baby” single)
Coconut Coolouts, “Luke Mpende Says (Pt. 1)” (Wild About Jenkem)

Dillinger Four, “Are You the Motherfucker With the Banana?” (split with Pinhead Gunpowder)
the Ergs!, “Not A Second Time” (split with the Modern Machines)
Hunx & His Punx, “You Better Tell That Girl” (Gay Singles)

Limp, “Ack” (Limp 7-inch)
Cheap Trick, “He’s A Whore” (Cheap Trick)
Mind Controls, “Take A Message” (Mind Controls)