Podcast #17 – Out In the Street

traffic-street-recordsThis week’s podcast is devoted entirely to Traffic Street Records. The tiny pop-punk label is ran out of Sam North‘s apartment in Washington, D.C., and is probably one of my favorite go-to places for music these days. If you’ve not heard anything from Traffic Street, then you’ve not been listening to the podcast, but here’s your chance to play catch-up.

We’ve got songs got songs from a few of the label’s releases, as well as an in-depth interview with label honcho North. He talks about the label’s history, the future, and what it’s like to DIY it. Sit back, listen, and enjoy.

Podcast #17, “Out In the Street”

Apocalypse Meow, “Where Would Jesus Work?” (Pug Life)
Rational Anthem, “717 Orange Ave.” (split with Apocalypse Meow)
New Creases, “Drive Away” (About Last Night…)
Rumspringer, “Encouragement” (Rumspringer)
Sleep Like a Log, “Broken Scale” (split with Rumspringer)
The Measure [SA], “How to Thrash a Million” (Dangerous Intersections II)
Like Bats, “Sleepwalker” (Dangerous Intersections IV)