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smokebreak Soaking Seeds In Colchicine, This week's episode was recorded in two chunks, because I was waiting for records to show up in the mail. Unfortunately, only one of them arrived (Impulse Manslaughter's He Who Laughs Last...Laughs Alone), but it was nice to have a break during the recording process. It takes about 2 hours to get the podcast done, with recording, swapping out records, encoding, 150mg Soaking Seeds In Colchicine, and the like.

This week's actually took a ton of time to get done, because I had to record the first set of back announces three times. Next week's should go a little more smoothly. We'll have an interview with Sam North of Traffic Street Records, and a lot of music from that label. 20mg Soaking Seeds In Colchicine, Going ahead, there ought to be a covers edition, as well as an all-instrumental podcast in the future, to say nothing of what I might do with the compilation, two LPs, and eight singles on their way in the mail right now.

Podcast #16, "Gimme A Break"

Big Dipper, 10mg Soaking Seeds In Colchicine, "Man O' War" (Heavens)
the Get Up Kids, "Red Letter Day" (Something to Write Home About)
Balkans, "Bill Spills" (Georganne)
Ex-Fag Cop, "Hardoncrime" (Gimme Fag Agenda)
Apocalypse Hoboken, "Blockhead" (Jerk Lessons)
Peelander Z, "Mad Tiger" (split with Birthday Suits)
Danger Strangers, Soaking Seeds In Colchicine canada, "Murder & Mayhem" (Danger Strangers)
Killer Dreamer, "Develop Your Pieces" (Killer Dreamer)
Terrible Twos, "Chinky Glass Eye" (Terrible Twos)
Impulse Manslaughter, "Crimes" (He Who Laughs Last...Laughs Alone)
Mercyful Fate, "Black Funeral" (Melissa)
Black Sabbath, "Into the Void" (Master of Reality)
Dillinger Escape Plan, "Damaged I & II" (Black On Black)
Touche Amore, "Scene Is To Be Seen" (...To the Beat of a Dead Horse)
the Suicide Machines, Soaking Seeds In Colchicine india, "Burning In the Aftermath" (A Match and Some Gasoline).

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