Podcast #137, “Doomed to Repeat”

sisyphus In which your host tells of plans to come, and things which might change. In the meantime, electronic blips, dance-y bloops, and sludgey dirges. Podcast #137, "Doomed to Repeat" Mike Armstrong, "House of the Devil Opening Theme" (House of the Devil soundtrack) Magnetic System, "Escape" ("Godzilla" single) Gershon Kingsley, "Popcorn" (Music to Moog By) Carlo Maria Cordo, "M31" (Pieces soundtrack) --- Richard Denton And Martin Cook, "Tomorrow's World" (TV Sound and Image Volume 1) Gil Trythall, "Folsom Prison Blues" (Country Moog (Switched on Nashville)) Black Devil, "Follow Me" (Disco Club) Wolfmen of Mars, "All Those Terrible Times" (Gamisu) --- KISS, "God of Thunder" (Alive II) Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, "Death's Door" (Blood Lust) Minibosses, "Metroid" (Brass) Ebn-Ozn, "The Dawn" (Feeling Cavalier)