Podcast #123, “Tony Rettman & NYHC”

book cover - nyhcIt’s been a good long while since we last spoke with author Tony Rettman (going all the way back to podcast number twelve), but his new book for Bazillion Points, NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 is pretty amazing. We were lucky enough to interview Mr. Rettman for the Runout, and while we had him on the line, we had him play DJ for a few songs.

Thus, there’s nothing but New York hardcore on this particular episode, but it’s a nice mix of both classics and new, and all of it likely a bunch of stuff you’ve not ever heard. If you like what you hear, check out the full Spotify playlist Mr. Rettman put together for the book (and, conveniently, buy a copy of NYHC) at the Bazillion Points website.

Podcast #123, “Tony Rettman & NYHC”

Cro-Mags, “Show You No Mercy (demo version)” (1984 Demo)
Urban Waste, “Reject” (Urban Waste)
Agnostic Front, “Hiding Inside” (Victim In Pain)

Maximum Penalty, “All Your Boyz” (Demo ’89)
The Mob, “Step Forward” (Step Forward)

Killer Instinct, “Torture You First” (Big Apple: Rotten to the Core)

Brain Slug, “Distort New York” (Distort New York)
In School, “Knocked Out” (Praxis of Hate)