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tonyrettmanbychrisgrey Cipro And Bcp, This week's podcast is a little different. Rather than run this interview I did with Why Be Something That You're Not author Tony Rettman on its own, I thought it best to drop it into the podcast proper. We talk about the genesis of the book, people he wanted for the book but couldn't get, and future plans, Cipro And Bcp usa. I've also added in some songs from bands featured in the oral history of Detroit hardcore: Negative Approach, the Necros, et al, as well as some of the touring acts who feature prominently in the genesis of the Detroit scene. Cipro And Bcp ebay, Thanks again to Tony for taking the time to speak with me. Go buy his book, because it's great. If you're anywhere near the signings and shows for the book, stop by and get that sucker autographed, as well, 1000mg Cipro And Bcp. Go buy some records from Touch and Go, for that matter.

Podcast #12, "Why Be Something That You're Not"

Negative Approach, 30mg Cipro And Bcp, "Why Be Something That You're Not" (Total Recall)
the Fix, "In This Town" (At the Speed of Twisted Thought)
the Meatmen, "One Down, Three to Go" (We're the Meatmen...And You Suck!)
the Necros, "I Hate My School" (IQ32)
Violent Apathy, "Here Today" (Here Today)
Youth Patrol, 750mg Cipro And Bcp, "America's Power" (Process of Elimination)
the Misfits, "Skulls" (Walk Among Us)
Minor Threat, "Screaming At A Wall" (Complete Discograpy)
Black Flag, "Six Pack" (The First Four Years).

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