Podcast #114, “Back From Holiday”

worst holiday
And we’re back. Not only has it been a hot minute since the last podcast (May?! Really?), the site’s been kind of dormant. I mean, it’s 100% my doing — we’ve had some scheduling switches at work, the wife and I’ve been doing a bit of traveling, and I’ve been knocking out a lot of writing for other places.

I’m going to consider myself a vaguely-successful writer, being as how I’m too busy writing for other people to have anything left for this little corner of the internet. Check out reviews and interviews at The Fast Pitch, The Runout, and Starburst Magazine — there’s everything from pop-punk to local television to film scores. It’s a blast, but I’ll try and get some more book stuff and vinyl coverage here as I can.

Podcast #114, “Back From Holiday”

Death, “North Street” (“North Street” single)
Radkey, “Digging the Grave” (“Feed My Brain” single)
The Bad Ideas, “Apocalypse Detroit” (split with Red Kate)
Night Birds, “Agent Zero” (Monster Surf)

Tweens, “Be Mean” (Tweens)
Bikini Kill, “Rebel Girl” (“New Radio” single)
Marmozets, “Move Shake Hide” (“Move Shake Hide” single)
Greys, “Chick Singer” (If Anything)

Josh Berwanger Band, “Oh Bis” (Too Much Rock Single Series #3)
Mrs. Magician, “Friday Night” (Windian Single Series)
The New Pornographers, “Brill Bruisers” (Brill Bruisers)
Holler Boys, “The Nah Nah Song” (Holler Boys)

Penetrators, “Shopping Bag” (“Shopping Bag” single)
All Blood, “Now I Am the Devil” (The Kids Have No Taste)
The Mr. T Experience, “The Last Time I Listened to You” (“Sex Offender” single)
Possum Dixon, “Who You Are” (“Nerves” single)