Podcast #110, “April Fools Rush In”

april foolsTomorrow is April Fools’ Day, so I spent the weekend putting together a plethora of strange and interesting music for you all. For whatever reason — be it feeling better or just the obscure nature of the tracks requiring some explanation — I ran my mouth pretty much constantly throughout this episode. My apologies for that.

You can rest assured that everything is Dr. Demento-eque, if not actually demented. I avoided using noisemakers, but certainly managed to pull together a wide swathe of weirdness, and managed to not pull from any of the good Doctor’s compilations this time.

Podcast #110, “April Fools Rush In”

Macy Skipper, “Goofin’ Off” (The Complete Stax-Volt Singles)
Billy Briggs, “Chew Tobacco Rag” (Let’s Have A Party!)
‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, “Good Enough For Now” (Polka Party!)
Merle Haggard, “Harold’s Super Service” (The Fightin’ Side of Me)

Bo Diddley, “Say Man” (His Best)
Bull Moose Jackson, “Big Ten Inch Record” (The King Anthology of Risqué Blues)
Sheldon Allman, “Radioactive Mama” (Folk Songs for the 21st Century)
The Ideals, “Go Go Gorilla” (Mello Jello … For Mello Muffins)

Phil Phillips, “The Evil Dope” (Mello Jello … For Groovy Ghouls)
Archie Pier & The Rythm Aires, “Tamales And Rock And Roll” (The Big Itch Vol. 2)
Bob Ridgley, “She Was A Mau Mau” (Lost Treasures! – Rarities From the Vault of Del-Fi)
Jose Madrigal, “Swish Swish” (Poco Loco In the Coco Vol. 2)

The Zanies, “Chicken Surfer” (Real Gone Garbage)
Eileen Barton, “Poco Loco In the Coco” (If I Knew You Were Comin’, I’d’ve Baked A Cake)
Sam Space & The Cadets, “Take Me To Your Leader Cha Cha Cha” (The Purple Knif Show)
Jack Marshall, “The Munsters Theme” (Alfred Hitchcock Presents / The Munsters)
Devo, “We’re All Devo” (Pioneers Who Got Scalped)