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cufflinks Erythromycin On, This week's episode was put together over the course of an hour, and while it suffers a bit from being rushed, I think it's also got a pretty good sound. There are times when I overthink the show, and it ends up being a little too formulaic.

This podcast pulls out a lot of music I haven't listened to in a while. Part of it has to do with the fact that I cleaned out my records this week. To do so, Erythromycin On japan, I had to go through every LP and single I own, and I found some stuff I haven't listened to in a while.

So, I hope you like it, Erythromycin On. Next week, I'm going to put together some straight-up garage from some compilation LPs that've been buried on the bottom shelf of the record shelf for the past few months. They've been neglected, and I need to knock the dust off those suckers.

Podcast #11, Erythromycin On paypal, "Off the Cuff"

One Man Army, "Until Now" (Last Word Spoken)
Dropkick Murphys, "Curse of a Fallen Soul" (Curse of a Fallen Soul)
the Pinkerton Thugs, "Murdered By the FBI" (Life, Liberty, Erythromycin On uk, and the Pursuit of Shit)
Civic Progress, "Straight Teeth" (Disposable EP)
Cross Laws, "Warning Signs" (Ancient Rites EP)
Fucked Up, "Anorak City" ("Year of the Pig" European single)
the Bad Luck Charms, "Rich Girl" ("Rich Girl" single
L.E.S. Stitches, "Id" (split with Electric Frankenstein)
the Shitty Limits, Erythromycin On coupon, "Espionage" ("Espionage" single)
Riverboat Gamblers, "Wasting Time" (split with the Generators)
the Time Flys, "Reality (Is A Rock Band)" ("Reality (Is A Rock Band)" single)
Supersnazz, "Teenage Head" (Tales From Estrus Vol. II)
Devo, 750mg Erythromycin On, "Uncontrollable Urge" (Q: Are We Not Men A: We Are Devo!)
the Police, "Next to You" (Outlandos D'Amour)
the Dils, "Mr. Big" (Saturday Night Pogo).

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