Podcast #105, “Short & Sweet”

short stack
The podcast returns after an extended holiday hiatus, with a short twelve songs, covering the gamut from blues-influenced garage rock swagger to metal to … weirdness. Yeah. It’s been a bit, so you’d think this would be longer, but no. I’m a man of many words, but I’d rather quality of over quantity.

Expect a new one in two weeks, since it’s actually already recorded. We’re gonna make this thing a regular occurrence this year, god willing and the creeks don’t rise.

Podcast #105, “Short & Sweet”

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, “Bellbottoms” (“Bellbottoms” single)
Ghoul, “Ghoul Hunter” (Maniaxe)
Waxeater, “A Man Has To Have A Code” (Baltimore Record)
Ruleta Rusa, “Aqui No Es” (Aqui No Es)

The #1s, “Sharon Shouldn’t” (“Sharon Shouldn’t” single)
Adam Widener, “Fluid Trails of Glitter Gore” (Vesuvio Nights)
The Book-Burners, “Sidesteppers” (People’s Songs)
Run Forever, “Lost the Feeling” (Adventures / Run Forever split)

The Max Levine Ensemble, “The Kids Are Fucking Awesome” (split with Operation Cliff Clavin)
Like Like The The Death, “Hypnic Jerk” (Cave Jenny)
Nox Boys, “Save Me” (Nox Boys)
New Coke, “I Am Drunk, I Have A Gun, I Want Names” (Duct Tape Your Mouth EP)