Podcast #104, “The Wind Outside”

windyIt's been a couple weeks longer than I wanted to get this podcast done. I was hoping to avoid there being a month between podcasts, and we've only narrowly avoided that by a few days. However, I'd been waiting and hoping for an interview to drop in, but everything I've done lately has been for someone else or by e-mail. Plus, work got in the way -- as it does -- and delayed things further. That being past, and the podcast recorded, we've got this selection of new tunes to rock your ears. Lots of covers, lots of catchy songs. Look for a lot of new content otherwise this week. We've got a bunch of interviews on the way, and they're all great. Podcast #104, "The Wind Outside" Radkey, "Romance Dawn" (Devil Fruit) Night Birds, "Bored to Death" (I Fat New York) Livids, "Savage Eyes" ("She Likes Zits" single) The Sultans, "Blow Up" ("Walk of Shame" single) --- Josh Berwanger, "All Night Long" (Strange Stains) Lemuria, "Helloing" ("Brilliant Dancer" single) Nude Beach, "I'm Giving Up" ("What Can You Do" single) The Smithereens, "Some Other Guy" (Dangerously Close soundtrack) --- Skate Korpse, "Intro / No Fun" (Skate Korpse) L.E.S. Stitches, "Down the Drain" ("Down the Drain" single) Filthy Jim, "Tied to the Needle" (split with Long Dong Silver) Good Clean Fun, "Positively Positive" ("Who Shares Wins" single) --- Priests, "Radiation" ("Personal Planes" single) Springtime, "Wait" (South Hill) The Figgs, "One Hit Wonder" ("J Cola" single) Schwervon!, "Off Duty Trip" ("Landlocked" single)