When Amoxicillin Takes Effect

cover-detournement-molotov When Amoxicillin Takes Effect, This is simultaneously the most gimmicky record and the coolest record ever release. Pirate's Press announced today that they will soon release a single from Detournement, featuring the New Jersey band's cover of the Clash's "Know Your Rights." That's not big news (especially because I find that song to be annoying lacking in any sense of subtlety or nuance).

Nay, When Amoxicillin Takes Effect paypal, the news is that Pirate's Press is taking another step forward with their campaign to bring back the flexi, and boy - is it a doozy. 200mg When Amoxicillin Takes Effect, The press release says it all:

"Housed in a custom-labeled glass bottle and hand-wrapped in a 14" x 14" screen-printed fuse, 'Know Your Rights' is the featured track on this triple printed rolled flexi, and includes access to a digital download of the song. Only 250pcs are being assembled and all bottles labels are hand-numbered."

It's pretty badass and all, When Amoxicillin Takes Effect ebay, as you can see from the image, but it's gonna cost you. 20mg When Amoxicillin Takes Effect, Specifically, it'll cost you $13.33, plus shipping. Order one here, 40mg When Amoxicillin Takes Effect, if you're interested.

Ten bucks says at least one person's record gets stuck in the bottle and they fuck it up trying to get it out.

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