Flagyl And Sun

(Robotic Empire)
Flagyl And Sun, For those not in the know, PG.99 were a strange case of crossover. While that usually refers to the metal/hardcore hybrid, in their case, it was more of a strange cross between grindcore and hardcore.

While not operating entirely in the grind realm of cookie monster vocals, Flagyl And Sun us, yet still dirtying things up just enough to keep the crusty kids interested, PG.99 were an interesting band that really defied description.

They were able to rip shit up with some strange time signatures. Case in point: "A Chronic Case of..." ebbs and flows with anger and frustration, and the bass line rumbles along like a forgotten Helmet song. However, they were still able to flat-out punk it up with a cover of Filth's "The List." You can hear elements of everything that's come to pass these days in PG.99's music from a decade ago, Flagyl And Sun.

With melodic guitar leads jammed alongside d-beat riffage and vocals that shred throats like razor blades given dulcet indie counterpoints, Flagyl And Sun coupon, it's as if they foresaw what was on its way, and wanted to make it all seem like a crappy seventh-generation cassette dub in comparison.

This is a remastered vinyl reissue of a CD compilation of out-of-print vinyl singles and demos. Got that. 250mg Flagyl And Sun, Robotic Empire is reissuing this 2003 Reptilian Records CD on LP in time for PG.99's reunion in August. Those shows are at Best Friends Day in Richmond, VA, on August 19, and at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C., 100mg Flagyl And Sun, on August 27.

You can pre-order Singles from their store on black, blue, or green vinyl (go to the second page). 40mg Flagyl And Sun, Black's limited to 600, and the blue and green are limited to 200 each.


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