Amoxicillin Kidney Infection

Amoxicillin Kidney Infection, Living in Lawrence offers up some interesting sights at times. I've wandered past the Bottleneck and seen Henry Rollins chatting with a bunch of fans... a buddy of mine in college sat at the Jazzhaus for three hours chatting with Steve Buscemi... I ran into the lead singer for the Frantic Flattops while I was wandering down Mass. Street... it's an interesting little town, Amoxicillin Kidney Infection. 100mg Amoxicillin Kidney Infection, Nothing, however, beats what I saw yesterday morning. At the bakery I work for, we trade baked goods with one of the many downtown coffee shops for a pot of coffee a couple of mornings a week. I'd forgotten their baked goods amongst the usual Saturday morning hurly-burly, 500mg Amoxicillin Kidney Infection. While on my way over there, I happened to glance across the street to the downtown Starbucks. Amoxicillin Kidney Infection, Who did I see exiting said corporate bastion.

None other than Brad Logan, frontman for F-Minus, Amoxicillin Kidney Infection paypal, guitarist for Leftover Crack, and Blacknoise Records fame. Helives here in Lawrence, as he's married to artist Kristen Ferrell, who's done album covers for F-Minus and Six Gun Radio, in addition to her successful clothing line, 200mg Amoxicillin Kidney Infection. Ferrell's also known around Lawrence as the ex-wife of Unknown Stuntman frontman Nik Beck.

Nothing more entertaining to me than seeing a man whose band once recorded an album entitled Suburban Blight buying corporate coffee. I'm pretty sure your street cred goes straight to hell at that point.., Amoxicillin Kidney Infection. although, maybe shopping corporate is the new punk. Amoxicillin Kidney Infection overseas, Who knows. I mean, the Nuthouse proper has embroidery with kittens as part of the logo. Who's to say. Not that Brad probably cares. F-Minus' "Zeroed Out" says that "we don't want your boring street cred." Which is admirable.

F-Minus - "We're All Dead Men".

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