Panel picks for C2E2

As stated earlier this week, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, aka C2E2, happens this weekend. There are scads of people from the world of film (John Cusack, Sean Astin, Val Kilmer), comics (Tony Moore, Jill Thompson, Eric Powell), wrestling (Jerry Lawler, Ted DiBiase), and books (Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris) appearing, in addition to a slew of other folks. I’m not here to give you the guestlist. That can be found at the event website. What I’m doing is offering a brief rundown of the panels to which I am most looking forward — bearing in mind that I won’t be there on Sunday. So, let’s look at what’s worth seeing, shall we?

Friday, April 13
Branching Out: Growing your Graphic Novel Collection Beyond the Core Titles

While this panel is “aimed at teachers and librarians looking to grow their graphic novel and manga collection beyond traditional subject matter,” I’m attending because there are always great independent releases I could stand to discover. And, really — who couldn’t use a little diversity in their trade collection? I certainly don’t need to reread Transmetropolitan for the dozenth time.

Comics And Pop Music

Is there anything that’s better suited for Rock Star Journalist than the intersection of comics and music? We love what Silver Sprocket’s been doing, but this offers up a more mainstream look at “the ties between music and graphic storytelling.” The opportunity to find out how much scratch publishers pull in from Justin Bieber comics is worth attending alone.

The Geek Girl and the Artist: Women’s Perspectives on Geek Culture, Gender Identity and Art/Media

Really, I’m most looking forward to the Q&A that follows this panel. My wife and I have had quite a few discussions regarding the sexy geek chick stereotype, and I hope to see how these women balance the things that interest them with traditional gender expectations.

Saturday, April 14

Never-Ending Battle PBS Documentary Sneak Peek

“Be among the first to screen portions of the first episode of Superheroes! A Never-Ending Battle, a new documentary series on the history of comic book superheroes.” Out love for documentaries at Rock Star Journalist is well-noted, considering that’s what we cover over at Scene-Stealers. Add in PBS, and you’ve got a pop culture doc fan’s wet dream.

Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary

See above. The documentary covers “designer” board games. I’ve no idea what that means, but it sounds fascinating. Yes, I’m giving up an hour and a half to watch a movie. That’s how much of a documentary nerd I am. Plus, things like this are the reason you attend cons — it’s a chance to see something that’s not coming to your local theater.

Booze, Idiocy, and Dumb Luck: Nerd City’s Guide to Becoming a Media Super Star

Drunky McBloggy could use some assistance getting readers, could he not? I’m aware this is a comedy show, but I need more dumb luck.

So, keep an eye out for coverage Friday and Saturday, with stuff appearing over at Scene-Stealers later next week. There ought to be a healthy gallery of cosplay pictures over at Geekbauchery, as well. I’m worldwide, people.