Heart / Joan Jett / Cheap Trick concert review at the Pitch

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Three bands, all Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductees of recent vintage, and of the rare talent undamaged by the ravages of time. Despite necessary reductions in range, last night's triple bill proved that there's at least three acts that can still kick it after three decades or more. Of the three, Heart might as well have stepped out of a time warp. While Ann Wilson said "times have changed," one would never know it from her band's performance. They might as well have come straight from recording "These Dreams" -- although, I'm pretty certain the original wasn't played with mandolin on lead as it was at Starlight, as nice a touch as it was.
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Interview with Tito Larriva at From & Inspired By

Singer and guitarist Tito Larriva has had a healthy musical life in both the early days of the L.A. punk scene, as well as having his music featured in quite a few films. The first cinematic appearance of Larriva's music came as part of the iconic cult film, Repo Man, directed by Alex Cox in 1984, with his band the Plugz supplying both songs for the soundtrack and composing the score.
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Review of ‘Out Run’ soundtrack at Starburst Magazine

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Since the Out Run soundtrack showed up last week, we’ve been getting so much more accomplished. The music, released to vinyl in celebration of the driving game’s 30th anniversary, is absolutely infectious and suitable for motivating you to get anything done -- be it driving, racing, cruising, or otherwise, this is vigorously energetic music. If you’re familiar with Out Run, you’ll know that it’s held up as the platonic ideal of driving games, and a large portion of the game’s success is the music by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi, Masayoshi Ishi, Manabu Namiki, and Jane-Evelyn Nisperos.
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Review of J Blake Fichera’s ‘Scored to Death’ at Starburst Magazine

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As author J. Blake Fichera states in his introduction to Scored to Death: Conversations with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers (out now from Silman-James Press), there have been interview-based books of interviews with film composers, and compilations of essays about horror film scores, but because the twain haven’t met, he wrote Scored to Death, which is the first collection of horror film composer interviews.
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Podcast with J Blake Fichera at From & Inspired By

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On this episode, we speak with J Blake Fichera, musician and author of the new book, Scored to Death: Conversations with Some of Horror's Greatest Composers, out now from Silman James. In Scored to Death, the author spoke with 14 different composers of music for horror films. Be it the greats like Harry Manfredini, John Carpenter, and members of Goblin, or newcomers like Jeff Grace and Joseph Bishara, Fichera asks great questions and gets inside the creative processes of these amazing musicians. Scored to Death is the sort of book which appeals to newcomers to film score fandom, as well as deep-digging heads.
Listen to the podcast at From & Inspired By. Published on 8/8/16

Review of BadBadNotGood’s “IV” at Modern Vinyl

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From the opening notes of “And That, Too,” IV was not only instantly recognizable as BadBadNotGood (the newest artist featured through Vinyl Me Please and their monthly subscription program) but also an album defining the quartet as an act that’s more than just “that jazz band that plays hip-hop.” There’s a point on that opening cut where the CS-60 synthesizer rides a low note for so long, I felt like I was hearing the voice of God. It’s intense.
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G.L.O.S.S.’ “Trans Day of Revenge” recommended at Modern Vinyl

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Over Labor Day weekend last year, I saw Olympia hardcore act G.L.O.S.S. play at a bar and grill in Kansas City. They played at the end of a five or six band bill, pushing the limits of when the show needed to be over. And at the time, all they had released was their five-song demo, but even with just those few songs, the place was packed. They pushed the guys to the back before the last song, and brought all the ladies to the front. G.L.O.S.S. doesn’t have patience for your hurt cis male feelings, guys – they’ve got bigger problems with which to deal.
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The Grindhouse Sounds of Isaac Williams at Cinepunx

Nearly every afternoon last week, my wife came home to me blasting music out of my laptop while I read on the living room couch. Despite a stack of half a dozen vinyl LPs awaiting review, I couldn’t stop listening to Isaac Williams’ Soundcloud mixtapes. Going back four years, Williams’ mixes all cull their sounds from cult and exploitation film scores and trailers, but the shapes they sonically take are astonishingly diverse.
Listen to all of Williams' best tracks at Cinepunx. Published 8/1/16

U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” video at Cinepunx

Back in March, Noisey ran a piece entitled Fuck ‘Trainspotting’! ‘Batman Forever’ Was the Soundtrack That Truly Epitomized the Nineties, wherein J.R. Moores put forth the opinion that the Trainspotting soundtrack is highly overrated, while Batman Forever’s is highly underrated. He’s coming from a British point of view, but he does make the very astute observation that Batman Forever “wrestled the Dark Knight from the sweaty clutches of graphic novel-reading grownups and rightfully handed him back to the kids.”
Read the From the Stereo to Your Screen column on U2 and Batman Forever at Cinepunx. Published 89/1/16

Q&A with Magnus Sellergren of Videogram at Starburst Magazine

Sweden's Magnus Sellergren is better known to you as Videogram, composer and maker of synth-driven cult film score homages, such as last year's fantastic romp through the genres, Pre-Cert. His upcoming album, for Cineploit Records, is a bit more tightly-focused. The Gladiatori dell'ApocaliseEP pays tribute to the likes of The New Barbarians,Mad Max, and Exterminators of the Year 3000, and while a few cuts have that trademark horror disco sound, longtime Videogram fans will discover a whole new side of the musician. We spoke with Sellergren about the direction he's taken with Gladiatori dell'Apocalise.
Read the Q&A at Starburst Magazine. Published 8/1/16