Outbreak’s Brian Kemsley documents life on the road

zine-cover-all-accessWhen I went and saw Sick of It All at the Bottleneck on Saturday night, one of the openers was Maine’s Outbreak. I’ve been hearing stuff about this band off and on for a couple years now. They’ve played a bunch of all-ages shows in Kansas City, but I’d not had a chance to catch them in Lawrence. They fucking slayed. Go see them.

At their merch table was a bunch of stuff from their label, Think Fast!, but as I’d just gotten a bunch of records in the mail, I didn’t really need to drop any money on vinyl (even reasonably priced at $10 for an LP). However, I did pick up this gem you see pictured to the left.

All Access is a short ‘zine done by Outbreak’s guitarist Brian Kemsley. It’s only $2, and if you enjoy stories about life on the road, it’s worth grabbing. Kemsley talks with friends and tourmates like Agnostic Front’s Vinnie Stigma and Casey Hjelmburg of Comeback Kid about touring etiquette, driving, coping mechanisms, and all assorted elements of life on the road with a band.

The interviews are short, and like Kemsley says on the closing page, it takes about 10-12 minutes to read through it. Hopefully, there’ll be another issue. It’s well put-together, with great pictures. The interviews usually reveal something different about the subject, rather than the usual “so, what’s with the new album, dude?” questions folks like me tend to come up with. The in-jokes are a little confusing, like some rant about bean sprouts on Chinese food, but otherwise, this is a winner.