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cover-night-birds-midnightNight Birds
Midnight Movies
(No Way Records)
Zithromax Dose For Aids, B-movies have been a staple of punk going all the way back to the genre's roots in rockabilly and garage. There are songs littering the landscape about ghouls, goblins, slashers, midnight marauders, highwaymen, Zithromax Dose For Aids canada, flying saucers, et al. The Groovie Ghoulies and the Misfits made careers out of wring punk songs about horror movies, and now we've got Night Birds and their contribution, the Midnight Movies EP.

Rather than sounding scary, the EP more of a tribute the midnight movie genre, 50mg Zithromax Dose For Aids. Night Birds' surf-infused punk is too speedy to give the songs any sense of terror or dread, lacking the plodding bass lines necessary to be creepy. However, the mile-a-minute guitar lines perfectly bring to mind the joys of being 12 years old, jacked to the gills on sugar and caffeine, watching something like Fright Night or the Toxic Avenger on USA Up All Night, Zithromax Dose For Aids.

Look at one of the verses to the title track:

"(I want to see)
I want to see so much gore it makes me sick
I want to see death by a crucifix
I want to see a celluloid acid trip"

That pretty much sums up what you get when you want to see a midnight movie: that "gimme blood, gimme gore, gimme gross" feeling. 150mg Zithromax Dose For Aids, The next track, "No Way Home," also pays tribute to the genre of midnight movies itself, and the two songs on the flipside are more akin to stories: mini midnight movies in their own right, essentially. "Triple Feature" is the tale of a madman slasher, and "Bad Biology" something like a Re-Animator-style mad scientist flick, 250mg Zithromax Dose For Aids.

The only real downside to the EP is that is blasts through so fast, you're going to find yourself all amped up with no place to go. I'd suggest throwing this on, heading to the video store, grabbing a stack of movies, Zithromax Dose For Aids india, and watching them until your eyes bleed.

Midnight Movies is due out from No Way Records sometime in the middle of October: just in time for the FEST (and - of course - Halloween).

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