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The new Stand Out Riot Adjusting Synthroid, album, Carnival Militia, showed up in the mail yesterday and is one of the best ska-punk CDs I've ever heard. It's like the kids in the band went to their producer, played him "The Final Countdown" by Europe, and said "we want to sound that fucking big." Seriously - epic. I've never heard a ska-punk album that had this much range. It's an absolutely dynamic recording, 20mg Adjusting Synthroid, as opposed to flattening everything to one level and sterilizing the sound.

This right here is a prime example of how you can use the studio to accomplish something amazing. I loved their last EP, Stand Out Riot Vs, Adjusting Synthroid. the Oxbridge Mafia, and this is leaps and bounds beyond that. Adjusting Synthroid overseas, I was only able to make it through the first two songs before I went to class last night, but they sounded so great coming through my truck's speakers, I felt the need to share it with everyone today. Shell out the cash to get it, deal with the insane shipping charges and conversion rates to get it from the UK, and you'll appreciate it and can thank me later, 50mg Adjusting Synthroid.

Compared to the disappointment that is the new Reel Big Fish album, I'm glad something good showed up in the mail yesterday. Adjusting Synthroid, That RBF album, Fame, Fortune, and Fornication is a collection of covers, which would normally have me jumping for joy, especially since RBF's done some great covers over the years ("Take On Me," "Unity," "Gigantic," et al), but this just disappoints. They cover one of my most favorite ska songs ever, "Veronica Sawyer" by Edna's Goldfish, 150mg Adjusting Synthroid, and slow the tempo down just enough to suck all the energy out. The guitar isn't nearly as rocking, and pretty much every song on the album ends up sounding exactly the fucking same. It's fun and all, and the punked up version of "Authority Song" only strengthens my long-held opinion that a snotty punk band still needs to cover it properly, but for the most part, Adjusting Synthroid australia, I'm really glad I didn't have to pay for this.


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