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New pictures over at Rock Star Photography Cipro Xr 1000, . Shots are up from last night's show with the Hemorrhoids and Raw Sewage at the Replay. Fun show, 150mg Cipro Xr 1000, especially when you consider that both bands probably played a sum total of 45 minutes. That's what you get when you mix punk and thrash in one show... 30 songs in 45 minutes.

Final Summation and the extremely last-minute, show-saving Eyes Like Headlights played back on June 4 for a Sunglasses After Dark sponsored show, and photos are up from that show, as well, Cipro Xr 1000. It was originally supposed to be Final Summation opening for the Dollyrots, Cipro Xr 1000 overseas, but

the band ended up bagging most of their Midwest dates. Eyes Like Headlights filled in at the last moment, 50mg Cipro Xr 1000, and the show ended up turning out pretty well.

Speaking of Sunglasses After Dark (every Friday night, 10pm-midnight Central Standard Time on KJHK 90.7FM), we're sponsoring another show, 20mg Cipro Xr 1000, this time at the Jackpot Saloon. It's featuring the pop-punk styling of the Havok On Polaris, 30mg Cipro Xr 1000, the dirty rock of the Rich Boys and cow-punkers Young Livers. It's July 18, and looks to be a frickin' blast.

the Havok On Polaris - "Matter Of Fact"
Young Livers - "You Better"

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