New (old) pictures up

Thanks to the miserably cold and amazingly windy weather we’re having here in Lawrence (to say nothing of the fact that the wife had the car), I holed myself up in the basement today and got some pictures uploaded. They go all the way back until August’s North Vs. South Music Festival, as well as Final Summation and Down We Go at the Replay back in October.

Rock Star Photography would be where you want to go. There is a TON of bands represented in the North Vs. South shots, so be sure to go through all of ’em. That’s it… my camera has reached the end of what it can do for me, but I plan on getting some shots of Agent Orange when they play the Jackpot in a week or so. Hopefully, I’ll have a new setup around the end of January, and updates like this will be a little more frequent.