New label Record Collective Limited announces first release, “Small Plastic Songs”

cover - small plastic songsSmall Plastic Songs is the first release from a new boutique vinyl label called Record Collective Limited and features one song each from the forthcoming debut albums of four of Sydney's "most promising up and comers," according to the press release. What we know is that we've listened to the four-way split, and it sounds just dandy. The shoegaze-tinged, college radio flavored "Wind Shear" from Skullsquadron will instantly grab your attention, as will the additional tracks from Ya Aha, The Aerotrope Guild, and Restless Leg. "The Record Collective Limited exists because the music business is broken," continues the press release, with the "boutique, short run releases" taking inspiration from the likes of "legendary DIY record labels like Merge, Flying Nun, Siltbreeze, and Half A Cow." We were a little curious as to how this new Australian label came to be, so we e-mailed Patrick Haid and asked him about it. We started out by asking where everyone came from. "All the bands on this release and the label call Sydney home," said Haid in his e-mail response. "It worked out that way cos of proximity and organisation, but there is no desire to be a Sydney only unit." And the "Collective" part of "Record Collective Limited" is appropriate, too: RCL is a collective, driven by the bands, but Haid is probably the central point, he says, continuing:
"This particular release has been put together, funded and produced from the ground up by the bands. Folks have variously mixed and mastered each others' work, put the artwork together and have done all the legwork. The collective (such as it is) will be organic ... we have built some basic infrastructure (contact lists, bookers, wellwishers etc) and will facilitate (rather than control, own or manage) future releases. Everyone we work with will bring something to the table."
Haid plays in the Aerotrope Guild, whose "Time Spreads" kicks off the second side of this 7-inch release, said that the other bands were chosen because they're "also locals I know of who had just recorded albums. What started as an offhand discussion took a bit more shape as the evening wore on, and we ended up with this first release." The record is available from <a href="the label's Bandcamp page for $10 Australian, or at the single launch at The Square, Haymarket in Sydney on Thursday, April 18 -- if you can hope a flight to there or something. Entry is $10 and includes a copy of the record.