Canine Prozac

Canine Prozac, Goddammit, why didn't anyone tell me they were making an animated version of DC's New Frontier. I didn't know anything about this until I read it over at Popcandy this evening. Crap. Now I've got a DVD, 30mg Canine Prozac, two trade paperbacks, and a series of action figures to purchase. Canine Prozac canada, Jesus, DC... as if Vertigo and Y: the Last Man, Preacher, Canine Prozac craiglist, Transmetropolitan, American Virgin, 250mg Canine Prozac, 100 Bullets, et al hadn't sucked up enough of my hard-earned cash, now you're making quality direct-to-DVD movies.

Fuckers, Canine Prozac usa.

Donovan - "Sunshine Superman" (courtesy the Punk Guy).

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