New Coke, “Duct Tape Your Mouth” 7-inch

cover - new coke duct tapeThe latest from New Coke isn’t as deliriously weird as their first single. Can anything be as uncomfortably wonderful as “He Got Stabbed In the Throat”? I humbly submit the answer be, “No – no fucking way.”

Granted, the Duct Tape Your Mouth EP is still pretty uncomfortable — it isn’t as delightfully weird as its predecessor, but it’s still super-uncomfortable. The title track is a strangely catchy tale of home invasion and hostage situation and (like the other two tracks on this single) suitably jittery and edgy.

It almost seems like New Coke’s material on this EP is thematically linked — especially when you dig into the lyrics. Duct Tape Your Mouth sounds as if it’s the rantings of a man who’s found someone fooling around or doing something behind his back, doesn’t know how to take it, and ties them up, rants, and starts a standoff.

Based on the fact the final song is entitled “I Am Drunk, I Have A Gun, I Want Names,” I’m guessing it doesn’t end well. Not to spoil anything, but he “shot a man at close range,” and considering they were calling his wife at the end of the title track, somebody’s going down.

You can pre-order the 7-inch from Black Gladiator / Slovenly.