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Art of the Underground Weaning Off Prozac, has announced the next four releases in their Single Series. This is probably the best time ever to sign up. Head on over to their store and sin up now, and you'll be set up to get the next 12, Weaning Off Prozac india, including the ones listed below.

Seriously, Weaning Off Prozac australia, it's the best $57 you'll spend. Plus, y'know - it's guaranteed mail, which is always nice, 150mg Weaning Off Prozac. I love getting mail, and single series are about the best surprise you can ask for. 250mg Weaning Off Prozac, You take a risk, but if you love pop-punk, AOTU is a pretty safe bet. Trust me, 1000mg Weaning Off Prozac, based on what I've seen, this is a way better deal than what Sub Pop's been offering.

Next 4 singles:

volume 37 - Kepi Ghoulie (of The Groovie Ghoulies)
volume 38 - The Measure (SA)
-----these will ship out in a couple weeks

volume 39 - The Copyrights
volume 40 - Cheap Girls
----- these will ship out in mid-March

the Measure (SA) - "Oslo" (from The Political Party compilation).

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