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Neko Case Erythromycin Tablets Treatment, played at Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club last night, and while I didn't get to see it (being as how I live in Lawrence, KS), I did get to hear it. NPR broadcast it live.

And thanks to the fact that they archive all the live webcasts they do, Erythromycin Tablets Treatment mexico, you can hear it, too. For free, Erythromycin Tablets Treatment india. The whole damn show. 50mg Erythromycin Tablets Treatment, In really high quality.

Tax dollars go to good shit sometimes, kids. It's just not pictures of men's genitals in clothespins and Barney, Erythromycin Tablets Treatment. Occasionally, Erythromycin Tablets Treatment us, you can listen to live conerts for free, 250mg Erythromycin Tablets Treatment, and then turn around and bootleg them on eBay for twenty dollars a pop.

Shit. Did I just type that?


A Widow's Toast


If You Knew

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

Set Out Running

Outro With Bees

Star Witness

Dirty Knife

I Wish I Was the Moon

The Tigers Have Spoken

Maybe Sparrow

Margaret Vs. Pauline

Buckets of Rain

Deep Red Bells


That Teenage Feeling

Furnace Room Lullaby

Hold On, Hold On

Wayfaring Stranger

Look For Me (I'll Be Around)

John Saw That Number

Neko Case live at the 9:30 Club

A nice interview with Ms. Case on Morning Edition.

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