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Amoxicillin Price, Friday night, I had the privilege of working my second job. That being the second job at which I actually make money, as opposed to the writing gigs that make me diddly you see linked at the left. Every so often, I work the door at Vermont Street BBQ here in Lawrence, 1000mg Amoxicillin Price. One of the guys I work with at the bakery is a co-owner of the place, and when there're sorority / fraternity events or shows that nobody who works there wants to do, they throw the work my way and I make some pocket money. 100mg Amoxicillin Price, I've worked some bad local shows, dj nights, and quite a number of Greek events. This past Friday was some party for the University of Kansas chapter of Theta Chi, Amoxicillin Price. Some sort of Studio 54 meets Boogie Nights retro party.

Which was made all the more bizarre by the fact that they kept playing hip-hop, Amoxicillin Price usa. Very little actual disco or anything... not even Night Ranger, the bastards. Amoxicillin Price, I was really hoping to hear "Sister Christian", too. 20mg Amoxicillin Price, Instead, I was in my own little private music hell, hearing stuff like Kanye West's "Gold Digger" and Ludacris' "Ho." Nothing funnier than seeing a bunch of 18-20something girls get out and shake their moneymakers to some seriously misogynistic lyrics. I was also subjected to Jay-Z's "99 Problems" no fewer than five times. In two and a half hours, Amoxicillin Price ebay. This goes on for the next three weekends. I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one.

Hit me.

Kanye West - "Gold Digger"
Jay-Z - "99 Problems" (video)

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