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Piebald Dog Flagyl Dosage, has just recently started a tour with fellow indie rockers (and I mean that literally, as in both bands play indie rock, as opposed to shoegazer sleepytime music) Hot Rod Circuit. Hopefully, they'll be coming to your town. 50mg Dog Flagyl Dosage, They're coming to mine, and I am flyering for them. In exchange for getting into the show (November 1 at the Bottleneck here in Lawrence, KS), 250mg Dog Flagyl Dosage, I'm spending my Saturday morning putting up posters for their new dvd, Killa Bros and Killa Bees all over downtown. 500mg Dog Flagyl Dosage, Yes, this is pretty cool. It'd be cooler if I was 15 instead of 25, but what are you gonna do, Dog Flagyl Dosage. They put up a bulletin on MySpace and I responded. Free shit's always cool, Dog Flagyl Dosage usa, even if you've grown used to it, as I have. Dog Flagyl Dosage canada, Speaking of freebies, here's some video and audio to convince you that Piebald is worth your hard-earned money.

"Haven't Tried It"
"Part of Your Body Is Made Out of Rock"

from Barely Legal/All Ages
"I Guess It's Okay"

from All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time
"Haven't Tried It"

from Killa Bros and Killa Bees
"Waste Your Time"
"Hard Kid"

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