Mute Math – live at the Bottleneck

I’d never even heard of Mute Math before two weeks ago, and then I walked into the Bottleneck Sunday night and was amazed by the sight of way too many earnest young indie rockers. Thanks to a meeting that I’d forgotten about, I missed both opening acts, and got to the venue with about enough time to grab a beer and manuever myself near the front.

The lights dimmed, the band came out, drummer / sampler guy Darren King duct-taped his headphones to his head, and Paul Meany grabbed the mic. The amazingly neat light show kicked on, and the place went nuts. Kids were singing along to every song, and I couldn’t figure out how a band that I’d never heard of managed to make it onto the Turnpike and pack a club with kids. Then I read their Wiki entry and realized that Darren King is from Springfield, making them regional, if not almost local, and that made all the sense in the world.

Mute Math, for the uninformed (as I was), sounds an awful lot like Pop / Zooropa era U2. They have a light show that is way too small for a big stage, but looks fucking amazing in a small club like the Bottleneck. Their frontman plays a keytar at various points of the set, but he still makes it look cool. That’s an important thing to note- while their music had a bit of trouble catching my attention, their performance onstage had me riveted.

Watch them live on the Late Late Show…