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Cipro Qt Interval, Pabst Blue Ribbon presents: Mods Vs. Rockers

On Friday, December, 16th at Mike's Tavern (5424 Troost), four bands converge to fight it out on stage in the name of fashion, Cipro Qt Interval paypal, beer, and good ole Rock n' Roll. Like the British bank holiday riots of yesteryear between the stylish mods and the rebellious rockers, this Christmas season you too can take part in the fight by attending this exciting event.

The bands representing the Mods are Seaside Riot, a powerpoppin’, 50mg Cipro Qt Interval, new-wavish, modpunk combo, as well as, KC's own hip-shakin', Cipro Qt Interval coupon, go-go dancin' progenitors of the swinging 60s, The Lust-R-Tones. The Rocker camp is boosted by the ribald broken-blues/punk sound of Kansas City’s famed Shotgun Idols, alongside the incredible Ramalamas, a group gaining quite a bit of notoriety throughout the region, gaining fans far and wide with their unleashed hard rock n' soul sound, 750mg Cipro Qt Interval.

In addition to the music, Mike's Tavern will be offering some amazing drink specials on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and PBR will also offer promotional items to patrons attending the night's festivities, Cipro Qt Interval. Get there early, as the show should begin at 9pm sharp. If it’s not too cold, show up on your bike with your leathers on and hair-greased, Cipro Qt Interval mexico, or, if that's not your scene, be sure to ride your scooter out and keep your suit clean. Another special incentive to attend this show includes a PBR-sponsored compilation CD featuring three unreleased tracks from each of the four bands performing. The CD will be available the night of the show.

Up the Mockers.

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