Missing Monuments, “Blast!” 7-inch

cover - missing monuments blastConcluding our week of power-pop this week, we’re looking at another release from Slovenly Recordings — in this case, the newest single from Missing Monuments, due out on 7-inch on November 26. With releases on Dirtnap, HoZac, and Douchemaster, it only seems logical that King Louie would eventually find his way to the Reno label, renowned for their discerning tastes in garage and punk.

The title track, “Blast!” is a stomper. The guitar line cycles around and around, while the drums pound and pound, with a harmonica bleating out on top of it. Louie’s vocals are harsh and shouted, making this the punkest blues you’ve heard outside the Gun Club. It’s tough as nails.

Then, you’ve got “Ghost HWY” and “Covered In Ice.” The former one’s a jangly blast of catchiness, sort of like an amped-up R.E.M. The other’s almost like a bit of classic rock. I hear bits and pieces of late-night AOR jams rocking through, but there’s a serious amount of skinny tie in there, too.

Rocking jams, all. Not nearly the dirtiest music the combo’s recorded, despite what Slovenly would have you believe — there’s lots rougher songs on their Painted White LP — but it’s a fun bunch of gems.