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[caption id="attachment_4100" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="William Strawser"]photo by William Strawser[/caption]Unwelcome Guests How To Cover Flagyl Taste, are polished pop-punk rockers, with several split singles and an LP under their belts. Recently, the group made all of their albums available as pay-what-you-like downloads on their Bandcamp page, a tactic which is becoming more and more common these days for quite a few acts. The band's Micah Winship got in contact with us via the Pop Punk Message Bored, and we took advantage of his offer of an interview to pick his brains about free downloads, sonic fidelity, and why punk bands always put out stuff on a billion different labels.

The band's obviously gone through some changes over the years. How's the lineup switched since the band started?

The lineup has pretty much been the same since 2005 and all the recordings since then have been with the same guys. Zac quit once and we replaced him for a tour but he came back before we recorded again, How To Cover Flagyl Taste. Zac and Chris didn’t go to England with us this past summer so we had to teach two guys the songs for that too. Just recently, 200mg How To Cover Flagyl Taste, we officially replaced Zac and Chris with two guys who are more interested in touring.

Now, Unwelcome Guests on the split with Saint Sweetheart sounds rather different than the band on the split with the 255s. Were those lineup changes due to the sonic switch, or vice versa?

cover-ug-ssAh, the Saint Sweetheart split; I really don’t like that record. How To Cover Flagyl Taste, I’m fairly proud of all of our material that has made its way to vinyl but if I could pluck that out of existence, I would. The lineup is the same for it as all the others; we just recorded at a different studio and delivered some really shitty performances. We later re-recorded those songs at the same place we did Don’t Go Swimming and the 255s split. We put the much better recordings on our Bandcamp as part of the 4 Songs EP. I’m not entirely sure why it turned out so bad; the guy who recorded it has done a great job for other bands but that recording sounds wimpy, flat, abrasive and just plain bad. I’m also disappointed in ourselves for letting it get released when we weren’t thrilled with it, How To Cover Flagyl Taste. That artwork has gained a lot of attention too because it’s so silly, 1000mg How To Cover Flagyl Taste.

Why make your Bandcamp songs pay-what-you-like?

Since we try and release things on vinyl it’s nice to have a way in which people can easily obtain the digital versions without bothering with download codes, etc. I also think it’s helpful in getting our name out there, of course. A lot of people have been generous enough to toss us a few bucks when they download stuff too which we appreciate a lot – especially when it’s time to pay for gas on the way out of town.

What does a band gain as they release different records on different labels? How To Cover Flagyl Taste, I think doing stuff with different labels has been really beneficial for us. The obvious way is that each label (which is often times just one guy) is pushing to sell the record they put out and by promoting that they’re also promoting the band in general. Of course, the more people promoting the band, the better off we are. Also, our stuff has been put out by labels in Buffalo, 30mg How To Cover Flagyl Taste, Tampa, Las Cruces, Detroit, D.C., and Manchester England. People in the surrounding radius of those labels are more likely to hear about us. On a personal level it’s helped us get to know some really cool people and forces us to keep in touch, How To Cover Flagyl Taste.

Do different labels allow you to work with different bands?

Sort of; the 255s split happened because Kiss of Death knew those guys and made it happen. Luckily we were able to go to England and tour with the 255s and they are sincerely the nicest guys ever so we’ve become friends. Other splits happened because we met the band and decided to do a split; finding a label happened second.

The reason I'm curious is because, sometimes - as a fan - it becomes difficult to track down certain releases because one label may have better or worse distribution than the next. Do you run into these issues? How To Cover Flagyl Taste, Yeah, I guess that’s one of the downfalls. I think all of our releases are available through the No Idea distro though and if not that we sell all our stuff through our Wordpress page.

unwelcome-guestsI see that you're working on a new album, 500mg How To Cover Flagyl Taste. What can you tell me about that?

I’m really excited about it. There’s a few songs that are much more aggressive than anything on Don’t Go Swimming but there’s some poppy stuff and some country stuff so it’ll still sound like Unwelcome Guests. The new guys will certainly make a difference, How To Cover Flagyl Taste. Jason is an incredible drummer; he’s played in a lot of bands and is also a grad student for percussion. Derek, who is the new bass player, has a very different style than Chris. Chris played with his fingers and did a lot of walking bass lines whereas Derek plays with a pick and does a lot more straight strumming but he comes up with more defined bass parts. Derek can also sing and I’m excited about incorporating more backing vocals.

Our plan is to record it this summer with the tracking being done by John Angelo, who recorded The Painter EP, and we’ll probably have Doug, 150mg How To Cover Flagyl Taste, who did Don’t Go Swimming, mix it. I think we’re going to try and do the drums at GCR studios which is the fancy studio owned by Robbie Goo of the Goo Goo Dolls. Basically, we could have forced another full length out a while back but we’re trying to be patient and make sure we put out something that is a step forward.

Are there any other plans the band has, going forward?

Aside from the full length we’re hoping to do a West Coast tour and a trip to Puerto Rico.

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