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Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, Sitting here in my basement, trying to wonder how I was wandering around last night in a hoodie, and am now shivering. I'm thinking the rain might have something to do with it now, and the beer might have had something to do with it last night. Either way, it's nice to have an excuse to sit in the basement and write about last night's shows while the pictures upload to the server.

img_3959The show, unsurprisingly, got started late. Everything I'd seen said a start time of 8pm, and the Receiving End probably got going around 8:45 or so. They only played five songs, though, Buy Flagyl Online For Pet. New band - if it wasn't their first show, it was pretty close, or so I heard. The Receiving End sound a lot like those early 80s Chicago punk acts like the Effigies or Naked Raygun, but with a female singer. Buy Flagyl Online For Pet usa, The band has a two-guitar set-up, which I've always appreciated, because it allows something beyond barre chords and the possibility of actually playing off one another, as opposed to just pounding out riff after riff. There's a pretty good low end to the band, as well. Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, I like a band that gets a little groove going, rather than just playing a basic rhythm. Their lead singer started out a little nervous, but seemed to warm up and start moving around by the end of their set. Their demo's pretty good, too - it includes the Buzzcocks' "I Don't Mind" they closed their set with, which is also a touchstone under which you could pin the band. (More Receiving End photos here)

img_3970Street Legal is one of those bands I've seen members of in tribute shows, and in other band, but never seen play a proper show. Their bassist immediately got my attention because he wore the same Grabass Charlestons t-shirt I own. I know it's kind of sad to give a band some credit before you've even heard a note just because of a shirt, but it works, Buy Flagyl Online For Pet. Street Legal's guitarist, 50mg Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, tho', is the real reason to see 'em. She goes back and forth between these post-punk chunky riffs and Bill Zoom style wailing. The band is pretty talented, but it got a little same-ol', same-ol' after a bit. (More Street Legal photos here)

Now, Weird Wounds were another band I'd seen members of in other local bands like Hairy Belafonte and Coat Party, but never seen as this particular configuration. Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, Grant always goes pretty berserk in Hairy Belafonte, and it's really no different here. Their bass player is one of those kids I see at every goddamn punk show, and still don't know his fucking name. He bounces around on stage like he's had way too much caffeine, tho', and it's fun as hell to watch. Buy Flagyl Online For Pet mexico, Grant yells and screams a lot, and the rest of the band pretty much just garage punks it up behind him. Fun times. It's pretty much the perfect haflway point between Hairy Belafonte's anarchic punk fest, and Coat Party's more angular dance stuff, Buy Flagyl Online For Pet. (More Weird Wounds pictures here)

Then, then, then... we got Masshysteri. On record, they'd always seemed to be pretty techincal, but live, they kind of rocked it out. Robert was moving around way more than I would have gathered, and for whatever reason, I'd not pictured them as looking and dressing pretty much no differently than the rest of the acts they were playing with. Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, You get this idea that bands coming from overseas must be a pretty big deal to have crossed an ocean and half a country to get to the club a fifteen minute walk from your Kansas home, when in fact Masshysteri played to maybe a hundred kids on a Wednesday night. Their songs were pretty much all in Swedish, stage banter in English, 150mg Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, and everyone bopped and rocked along to everything despite the language barrier. Bonus: they played a Vicious song, and it was "Alienated." Amazing. (More Masshysteri photos here)

Afterward, the wife (who'd showed up at the Jackpot about midway through Masshysteri's set) and I wandered across the street and caught the Spook Light's return to the stage after a nearly six-month hiatus. The debuted new keyboard and bass player Zeppelina Mystery, who I'd really like to see play with them at another venue. This is no crack against Ms, Buy Flagyl Online For Pet. Mystery at all, nor does it have anything to do with Seth running sound or anyone at the Replay. The Replay sound system is pretty basic, and when you've got two loud-ass guitars going on, heavy drumbeats, and Scary Manilow wailing away, the keys are going to get lost in the mix. 40mg Buy Flagyl Online For Pet, It was on their last song (a new one that's about the strongest one they've written thus far) that the keys came through, and during the feedback that drenched the stage as their set ended, I was convinced that this was where the band needs to go. Some bands go on hiatus, and come back sounding just the same, but the Spook Lights have added and tweaked to the point where I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing them again, to see what else they've got in store. (More Spook Lights pictures here)

the Receiving End - "People Disappear" (from Welcome Home).

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