Marine Electric, “Restrained Joy” LP

cover - marine electricBrooklyn's Marine Electric have a nifty idea with their recent full-length, Restrained Joy. They recorded the instruments live, and then recorded the vocals later. It certainly lends the instruments a certain urgency and heft that one can only get from a live setting. That said, though, there's a flipside: the vocals seem rather flat in comparison. It sounds good, but the vocals just seem to lack the resonance held by the instruments. You lose the slight echo and reverb that a live room gives you when you step into a booth to sing. However, it may be that I couldn't get into Marine Electric because that whole Small Brown Bike school of indie rock, even when well done (and this is) , simply comes off as too sedate for my tastes. One can hear the emotionally-fraught edge to the music, but it's all relatively sleepy, for all the shouting going on. I'd like a little more "oomph" and energy to mix things up. It's available as part of a pressing of 300 from Unbuckled Records. Restrained Joy by The Marine Electric