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cover-los-vigilantesLos Vigilantes
Los Vigilantes
(Slovenly Records)
Minocycline Versus Tetracycline, While it may be hyperbole to state this, I feel fairly comfortable in encouraging you to purchase Los Vigilantes' self-titled LP for nothing more than the album's first track, "Ven Vamos." While the remaining 13 tracks are wonderful and entertaining in their own right, the ramshackle ditty that opens the record is such a winner, I had trouble moving past it.

The guitars jangle, and the drums pound along like the manic fill you hear from Scotty Moore on the classic Sun recordings he did with Elvis. Minocycline Versus Tetracycline overseas, The band is capable of more than just jangle-pop garage, of course. "Eres Tu" shimmies like a rattlesnake, thanks to the hazy, Minocycline Versus Tetracycline paypal, swirling guitars and persistent maracas, while "Letal" shows the band's potential for Revelators-esque, Minocycline Versus Tetracycline craiglist, Crypt-style, garage punk.

But, really - it's that first track that will draw you in, Minocycline Versus Tetracycline coupon, time and time again. The rest is pretty enjoyable, but fairly unremarkable, Minocycline Versus Tetracycline. It's your standard "rock en espaƱol" purveyed by Wau y los Arrrghs!!. Minocycline Versus Tetracycline japan, or Davila 666. Were it not for the Puerto Rican origins of the group, I'm fairly certain I'd be otherwise uninterested.



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