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New pictures are up over at Rock Star Photography Prozac Children, . If you've yet to check the page out, it features oodles, scads, and even what might be termed a hullaballoo of photos. There's not too many national acts, Prozac Children australia, because, well... I had to pay for most of those shows until we got kicking over here at RSJ. And if I'm payin', 50mg Prozac Children, I'm watching the bands, and not through a viewfinder.

One of the new bands up there over at the photo site is a damn fine young punk act from Kansas City called the Graveyard Nightmares, Prozac Children. I had the good fortune to see those kids open for my friends in the Spook Lights at the Bottleneck last month, and they blew me away. Amazing stage presence, just bursting at the seams with energy, Prozac Children coupon. They definitely like the Misfits, as you can tell from their name. Lots of songs about zombies and dead girls. Prozac Children, I totally approve.

Needless to say, Prozac Children mexico, they're young kids, 'cause I've seen very few bands with members past the age of 25 that can keep up bouncing around the stage for a good 45 minutes without flagging somewhat. You'd do yourself a favor if you checked them out next time you were in the KC area. In the meantime, you can listen to their demo, conveniently available for download on their website (or by clicking the links below), Prozac Children paypal.

"She Is A Nightmare"
"She Wants Me"
"Haven't Given Up Just Yet"
"Remember the Days"
"Graveyard Rock n' Roll"

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