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Nitro Records just put out the most recent Exene Cervenka Retin A Cream Residue, & the Original Sinners album, entitled Se7ven. Exene is, of course, frontwoman for Los Angeles punk band X. If you haven't heard of them, then allow me to slap you around for a bit, and then I'll explain, 500mg Retin A Cream Residue.

Exene sang for X, who released the classic punk albums Los Angeles and Wild Gift and did the rockabilly / punk thing better than fellow SoCal residents Social Distortion could ever hope to. Exene's also done the Original Sinners, the Knitters (along with John Doe and DJ Bonebrake), and Auntie Christ (with Matt Freeman from Rancid). She's a busy gal, Retin A Cream Residue. Retin A Cream Residue australia, This is to say nothing of her art exhibitions and marriage to Viggo Morgensten (yes, Aragorn).

This new Sinners record looks be to damn good, not simply because Exene's done such quality work in the past, but because of her collaborators with this new incarnation. Ms. Cervenka hooked up with St, 20mg Retin A Cream Residue. Louis rockabilly glam punks the 7 Shot Screamers Retin A Cream Residue, for this go 'round, and from the one track I've heard, it looks to be a damn fine endeavor. A little more rockabilly than X, and a little more country than the Screamers' stuff. The 7 Shot Screamers are playing double shows every night on their current tour- original material of their own opening, then backing Exene as the Sinners. I can't imagine a more enjoyable evening. Retin A Cream Residue paypal, If you get a chance to see this show, or even just the Screamers on their own, it's totally worth your time and money. They're a killer live show, and if you can chat 'em up, super nice guys. They deserve your money, 100mg Retin A Cream Residue.

Exene Cervenka & the Original Sinners - "It Ain't Supposed to Be"
7 Shot Screamers - "Hooker"

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