Livids, “(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts” 7-inch

cover - livids adrenalized heartsWhen you hear that Eric Davidson from the New Bomb Turks has a new band, along with a slew of singles you get excited. Such was the news regarding Livids and one of their first releases, the (Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts EP for Oops Baby Records. The press release describes it as a recording which was "banged out." Sadly, it seems like that's less hyperbole, and more a statement meant to keep you from getting your hopes up. The songs are good, if a bit rough, but the recording is more like a really good demo than a proper release. Your initial impulse on listening is that you'd like to pogo around the stereo, but nothing sounds strong enough to really rock you solidly. The title track's a little thin-sounding. The guitars and drums don't have any real heft to them, which is a shame, because Davidson's voice is as strong and sneering as it was during his time with the Turks. The bass work is heavy and thick, but I want those guitars to scream through on parts other than the solos. The thin guitars work a little better on the numbers which run a little faster, like "Nerve-Wrecked." Those punk rock licks work just fine with a thinner guitar tone, but for the rock 'n' roll numbers, you want those riffs to punch, not sound tinny as if they were being recorded from another room. "Theme From Livids" is the only track on here that really has the right tone going for it. The guitars sound like they've got a purpose for being there, rather than existing purely as a counterpart for the bass. "Midnight Stains," another track from the same recording session conducted by Phil Palazzolo, was released by Italy's Goodbye Boozy right around the same time as Oops Baby put this one out, and the same guitar problems plague it, as well, making this less of a pressing issue, and more of a mixing or recording one. If you watch live footage of the band, even the relatively lo-fi audio in the YouTube clip manages to have some clear and true guitars. Usually, I'm one to allow for a band's growth, and lord knows I want this band to do well, but I'm thinking they might not have needed to rush into the studio so quickly, or at the very least, might have gone with a different engineer. The songs are here, and they could be real rockers, but it's just a bit of a letdown. That being said, the songs are good, even if the recording sounds subpar. You can snag the EP from the Oops Baby store, with a pressing of 500 on black vinyl for $6, or spring for the limited-to-100 pressing on blood splatter for $8.