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According to Sunday's New York Times Drug Interaction With Retin-a, , Rolling Stone is switching sizes. Instead of it's current, classic, tabloid format, it will be changing to a more standard magazine size, as well as becoming perfect-bound, 1000mg Drug Interaction With Retin-a, with the release of it's October 30 issue on October 17.

The Times makes a big to-do about this, but I really just couldn't care. I understand that Rolling Stone is pretty iconic in its current format. 40mg Drug Interaction With Retin-a, However, it'd be more impressive if the magazine was, say, I dunno... maybe covering artists with cultural relevance, Drug Interaction With Retin-a. Artists outside the mainstream. Not giving every Neil Young album four stars, 100mg Drug Interaction With Retin-a.

The format change is nice, or would be if I felt like spending money to read articles that really don't mean anything to me. I always used to hate the fact that Rolling Stone would fall apart because it was so big and stapled together. Drug Interaction With Retin-a, Anymore, tho' - I just don't care. The magazine has the occasional good interview (the one with Robert Downey, Drug Interaction With Retin-a india, Jr. in the current issue is pretty in-depth), but the reviews and features always cover artists who really don't need the coverage, or only matter to people like Jan Wenner.

Nice try, folks, Drug Interaction With Retin-a mexico. Maybe next time you'll take a look at something like the late Punk Planet and see about getting reviews of bands that matter and articles that aren't fluff pieces for people who are already ridiculously famous.

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show - "Cover of the Rolling Stone" (from At His Best).

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